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Upcoming Work

THE GARAGE PRODUCTIONS is a theatre company who thrive on creating current and exciting performance work, ensuring to make audiences engage with each performance. THE GARAGE PRODUCTIONS is about creating work for people who don't have the opportunity to experience this complex exciting art form. It is about making it more excusable to the masses, fabricating a interactive and thought provoking theatre experience. Whilst highlighting, captivating and at times challenging everyday issues. THE GARAGE PRODUCTIONS produce innovative, performance and participation programmes alongside a inspired community arts programme that mirrors the background and community where we are based. This gives the opportunity to harness idiosyncratic new art.

THE GARAGE PRODUCTION first project is about engrossing audiences, with mass participation encouraging new ways to experience theatre and how this effects the spectators of each event. We will be honing in on our experiences with music and art and questioning how it has engaged and shaped our life choices. Blending technology into each performance focusing on its place within our culture. THE GARAGE PRODUCTIONS will create material and performances that are based around experimental projects and experiences. Questioning how and why a theatre experience could be emotionally different for each spectator.

This project is needed to offer new experience for people to observe and be part of, which in turn could inspire new artists, creators and directors to produce new art. Also East Durham is one of the most deprived and socially disadvantaged communities in our country and has not been given the opportunities to engage with this particular art form. We want our spectators to engage in such a way that it has an influence on the performance, about what message they are receiving from it and how you relate emotionally. Which could possible have an effect on understanding how and why you emotionally involved yourself during, before and after particular situations.