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Code of Conduct

Following on from a very successful year with THE GARAGE NE, there are many new developments and changes that are happening and will affect everyone who attends the garage.

To allow parents to understand the aims of THE GARAGE NE and what we as a dance company are hoping to achieve moving forward, we have compiled this document which will outline what is expected from both parents and students.

After four weeks of attending THE GARAGE NE, your child’s dance fees will automatically move over to monthly invoice. This is a one off payment which will have calculated your entire child’s sessions during that month. You will receive invoice on the last week of the month, for the following month dance sessions. Payment needs to be received in our bank before your child can attend any of their sessions.

The biggest change that you will notice will be, all invoices must be paid by BACS or credit/debit card. We no longer take cash, other than drop in students who are still on a trial basis. This is to ensure that all payments are logged and not missed. Account details and how to pay will all be on your first invoice, if you have any problems please don’t hesitate to discuss with Kayleigh.

You will only receive a refund if your session is cancelled by a member of staff at THE GARAGE NE, you will not receive a refund if you or your child can not attend their session.

After four weeks of being a student at THE GARAGE, you are expected to purchase and wear to every session The Garage uniform; this could be just a t-shirt or full uniform. Please visit

There is limited space on all classes new and old: classes will be at a first-come first-served basis. Please don’t presume that your place will be transferred over from last year to this coming year. We need all enrolment forms back to ensure your child, or yourself have a place within their classes.

We have a new website where all news, galley, change of timetable, registration and details of events, costume and invoices will be displayed. We also very close to finishing our very own rehearsal studio, we can’t wait until that is finish.


All crew students should arrive least 5-10 minutes before class and be ready to dance at the time class starts, anyone arriving late by 15 minutes or more will not be able to participate, if this is not discussed with Kayleigh beforehand.

All dancers are required to bring enough liquids to consume for the time that they are here. No fizzy pop or food to be consumed in the studios.

All crew members will be expected to attend a minimum of one class per week, which can be any of the session that THE GARAGE NE offer, but the more sessions your child does, the better dancer they become.

If there are more than five classes missed in the space of 12 weeks then THE GARAGE NE reserve the right to remove your child from sessions unless there are extreme circumstances.

Also THE GARAGE NE have the right to move sessions where applicable for the good of the group: we will give at least seven days notice where possible, and understand if this is less than seven days some crew members might not be able to attend, please diccuss with Kayleigh if this problem ever comes about.


As a company, THE GARAGE NE will be entering a number of performance events throughout the year which all members might be asked to attend. We are giving plenty of time for parents to plan ahead; some will be a full weekend.

All dancers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 year old for any competitions which involve an overnight stay unless arrangements can be made with another adult to supervise your child.  Only in extreme circumstances will Kayleigh supervise on overnight stays.