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The Garage Crew

Our organisation will benefit our wider community by offering ‘Better access to services’ engaging with every aspect of our residents needs, wants and dreams. We offer creative projects and activities to everyone within the community, offering experience, knowledge and exercise- for all who take part. Whilst engaging with new students, young, old, able bodied and non able bodied we will be promoting overall health and well being.

We take dance, music, art and fitness to the extremes, pushing styles and maintain a professional technique, fusing styles together and bringing an urban flavour to classical styles to make them fresh and current, ensuring to instil and develop on the style's technical range.Bringing something Fresh, Funky and most importantly Fun! — The three Fs.

We make our projects available to everyone, regardless of ability. Access to the creative industry is a big part of community inclusion and will combat isolation.

The Garage will provide the community with activities that stretch not only the mind but the body as well. By bringing inactive and socially deprived people of the community a chance to be involved and develop new skills. That enhances confidence, coordination and communication. We are dedicated to prompting healthy lifestyles and positives wellbeing. We provide innovative friendly projects that engage with our community and will in turn inspire our next generation of creators. We work by being inclusive and pushing ourselves to work within and with some of the most deprived and diverse communities, focusing on challenges, encouragement and unity for others to achieve their own personal goals, by delivering Dynamics, Drive & Determination — The Three Ds.

Latest News

Here at The Garage NE, we were thrilled to recently find out that we successfully gained funding for a project that’s been in the making for months. Our funding was gratefully received from EON Great Eppleton Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund and CDCF. This funding is to offer a professional creative academy for the residents of East Durham. Usually known for our popular dance classes and street dance crews we wanted to offer our students and the community during the summer something that was Fresh, Funky and Fun! We have a host of professional practitioners and artists lined up to provide workshops that cover many creative aspects from Break Dance, Musical Theatre, contemporary Dance, Graffiti and DJ masterclasses. The Summer School is open to anyone aged 5-21 years old. We are so pleased and grateful to be offered help to get this project on its feet as and we already have places filling up. We approached County Durham Community Foundation for funding as we were aware that many summer schools are just too costly for some families and therefore some children in the community miss out, with the funding we were able to keep costs down to make sure the children that live here can benefit and be inspired to achieve greatness.

Also we are going through a regeneration as a club and expanding to offer more classes, workshops, events, showcases, competitions and professional production company. And have been given business title of a community interest company.

We registered with Club Durham when it launched earlier this year. We have been given invaluable support in identifying and applying for funding, qualifications and setting up satellite clubs in partnership with County Durham Sport. We currently have clubs and sessions for ages 3-16+ at Horden, Easington, Great Lumley, Wellfield, Darlington, Murton and Shotton, all are doing extremely well and we are seeing great talent throughout. Watch out for a class starting in your area, you would regret not joining The Garage Squad.