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Code of Conduct


Following on from a very successful year with the GARAGE, there is many new competition students this coming season, please read over carefully.

To allow parents to understand the aims of THE GARAGE and what we as a dance company are hoping to achieve moving forward we have compiled this document which will outline what is expected from both parents and crew members.

One of our main aims in the following year is to give crew members as many opportunities as possible which will include performances, workshops and competitions, I will try to include in this document as much information as possible on what THE GARAGE as a school intend on doing in the competition circuit which will allow parents to plan ahead. As a crew member you will be expected to attend all the competitions that are planned unless there are extreme circumstances which do not allow you to attend, missing a competition is likely to result in being removed from the crew. If not already discuss with Kayleigh prior to the competition.

I think everyone has realised that being in a crew is expensive as there is a lot to pay for throughout the year, this document is to try and highlight as much of the costs as possible to allow parents to budget moving forward.

On the last page you will see that there is a section which is to be signed by both the parent and dancer which states that you are accepting everything that is in this document and you that you will do your upmost to do all that is set out below.

General Rules


  • All crew members and spectators are required to have a varsity jacket; these are priced at £17–£20
  • All crew members are required to attend all competition rehearsals and weekly classes wearing THE GARAGE uniform, if you do not have garage uniform please wear all black. If this is not discussed with Kayleigh prior to sessions then you will not be allowed to attend the session.  
  • Dancers will be placed into a crew which we feel is best suited to them; this is going to be based on a number of factors including age and ability. 
  • Dancers can also be taken out of there crews for particular performances and competitions this is not a reflection of the dancers but for the good of the group.
  • If we feel that dancers need to be moved between crews to benefit both your child and their crew then dancers may be moved at our discretion, it should not be seen as a promotion or demotion but more to do with your child being in the correct crew for their ability, the same will apply if we feel that adding new members will benefit the crew.
  • All crew members should arrive for classes at least 5-10 minutes before class and be ready to dance at the time class starts, anyone arriving late by 15 minutes or more will not be able to participate, if this is not discussed with Kayleigh beforehand.
  • All dancers are required to bring enough liquids to consume for the time that they are here.
  • There will also be a charge starting from this month of £2.50 for each crew member for each rehearsal; this is too purely to cover the cost of room hire per month and expansion of the school.
  • Solo is £9.00 and duet £6.00 fee per private lesson, and will be discuss with the parent to when and where this will be, all crew members who have the opportunity to be asked to perform a solo or duet are expected to be at every private lesson as this could be removed from them.
  •   All crew members will be expected to attend a minimum of 1 class per week, which will be any of the session that THE GARAGE offer, but the more sessions your child does the better dancer they become.
  • If there are more than 3 classes missed in the space of a 12 week then THE GARAGE reserve the right to remove a member from a crew as this effects other members unless there are extreme circumstances.
  • Also THE GARAGE have the right to move sessions where applicable for the good of the group, we will give at least 7 days’ notice where possible, and understand if this is less than 7 days some crew members might not be able to attend, please disguise with Kayleigh if this problem ever comes about.



Current crew members will be aware that we have performed at a number of events in the past 12 months and this will continue moving forward.

Crew members need to be committed to performances and need to be available for them; we will always try and give as much notice as possible and will always try and give at least 30 days’ notice of any upcoming performance and competitions however this is not always possible, where this happens crew members will still be expected to attend the performances where possible, if this cannot be done a discuss with Kayleigh will be needed.

If crew members are to miss two or more performances or competitions in a competitive year then you could be removed from the crew as it is not fair on other members who need to work on re-spacing at short notice etc.



As a company THE GARAGE URBAN STYLES  will be entering a number of competitions throughout the competing year which all crew members are expected to attend we are giving plenty of time for parents to plan ahead, some will be a full weekend competition.

The purpose of this section is to inform all parents and dancers which competitions we are attending and to try outline as much of the cost associated with each competition.  Some of these costs are estimates as I am unable to predict some costs such as hotels or transport as diesel prices change frequently and I am therefore unable to predict exact costs, but this is will be confirmed closer to the time.

Please note if the competition is an overnight stay or weekend away you will be expected to be 4 sharing a room. If this is something you are not combatable with, then it needs to be disguised with Kayleigh prior to committing to a competition.

All dancers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 year old for any competitions which involve an overnight stay unless arrangements can be made with another adult to supervise your child.  Only in extreme circumstances will Kayleigh supervise on overnight stays.