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The Big Dance Talent Competition

Competition 2018 banner

Date: 24th November 2018
Doors Open: 9:00am
Competition Starts: 9:30am
Event Fee: £12

The Big Dance Talent Competition is about giving dancers in the North East the opportunity to compete in A WINNER TAKES ALL EVENT. All Styles of dance competing against each other, to celebrate their talent and success.

Event Guidlines

  • Music should be sent to no later than 2 weeks before the competition, clearly stating which track is for which: solo, duo or group.
  • Seating will be allocated to each school, ensuring all spectators have a seat.
  • Costumes, makeup and any belongings should not obstruct entrances and exits.
  • Any damages that occur will be invoiced directly to your school.
  • All styles of dance performance are welcome from all ages and abilities, from colleges, schools, clubs and community groups.
  • At all times dancers, teachers and spectators must work to a professional level ensuring respect are shown to all members of The Garage and venue staff.
  • 1 week before the competition the lead contact will receive a running order.
  • Refunds are not available after purchase.
  • Payment is to be made in full at time of purchase to: THE GARAGE NE
  • Each school will take responsibility for their own students when they are in and around the venue.
  • Props can be used in your performance, but they must not stay on stage. Dancers must be able to take props on and off stage with ease. i.e. no glitter, water or powder that would stick to the stage.
  • You can only perform on the stage you are not permitted to dance in and around the judges or the audience.
  • Solo section material can be no longer than 2 minutes, duo section 2 minutes and groups 3 minutes. Marks will be deducted from dancers score if time limit goes over.
  • Event fee needs paying in full 4 weeks before the event. Only after this time will you be sent wrist bands and running order.
  • Dancers are only permitted to dance in one group number.

Judging Criteria



  • Execution of technique: 10 marks
  • Creativity: 10 marks
  • Musicality: 10 marks
  • Choreography: 10 marks
  • Staging/formation: 10 marks
  • Synchronicity: 10 marks
  • Performance: 10 marks


Marks will be deducted for:

  • Use of inappropriate language: 5 marks
  • Inappropriate costume: 5 marks
  • Inappropriate movements: 5 marks
  • Music exceeding the time limit: 5 marks


Big Dance Talent Competition will have three professional dance judges from very different dance backgrounds ensuring that all aspects of performance and dance technique is covered to ensure the correct result when marking each act.

Prizes / section

  • Solo Novice & Solo Advanced Section: 6 and Under / 10 and Under / 14 and Under / 16 and Under / 17+
  • Duo Novice & Duo Advanced Section: 6 and Under / 10 and Under / 14 and Under / 16 and Under / 17+

A minimum of 75% of the competing team must be within the age categories, allowing 25% to be over the age categories, i.e., 12 dancers in a team, at least 9 of them would have to be 10 & under, 3 could be older.