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The Big Dance Showcase

The Big Dance Showcase

Date: 15th June 2019
Performance Time: 7.00pm
Ticket price: £14
Rehearsal time for performers to arrive: 12.00pm
Dancer's fee: £10.00

Showcase Guidelines

Each school that signs up to take part in BIG DANCE SHOWCASE, needs to appoint a lead contact that you will state to us via the registration form. This lead contact will then in turn, chaperon their students from their school, if you have more than 15, under 16 year olds in your team, then you will have to provide another chaperon. All chaperones need to have advanced DBS certificate. A copy of these certificates should be send with your registration form back to us.

  • Music should be sent to no later than 2 weeks before the showcase.
  • Dressing areas will be allocated to each school, please be aware this may be shared with another school.
  • Costumes, makeup and any belongings should not obstruct entrances and exits.
  • Dressing rooms should be kept neat and tidy at all times
  • Any damages that occur will be invoiced directly to your school
  • THE GARAGE NE obtain the right to set and tech the stage however they see fit. If you would like specific lighting cues, we will do our very best to achieve this, but this should be discussed 1 month before the performance with a member of our team.
  • All styles of dance performance are welcome from all ages and backgrounds, from colleges, schools, clubs and community groups.
  • At all times dancers, teachers and chaperones must be working at a professional level ensuring respect are shown to all members of THE GARAGE NE and GALA THEATRE staff. If this does not happen you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • BIG DANCE SHOWCASE needs to show a variety of dance styles. THE GARAGE NE have the right to discard material that you have registered. But this will be discussed with the lead contact on the registration form and hopefully we will come to an agreement (reasons being for removal, too many of one style in the showcase)
  • 1 week before the showcase the lead contact will receive a running order of their performance and a running order for the whole day, so that we all know when dress and tech rehearsals start and what is needed from all participants on that day.
  • Bows and presentation, at the end of the show each act will enter stage right to take a bow where they will then dance in a Cypher to end the performance
  • All bookings made for BIG DANCE SHOWCASE, are made with THE GARAGE NE.
  • There will be a £10.00 Fee per dancer to take part in BIG DANCE SHOWCASE, but the amount of spectator tickets bought depends on the amount of dancers you have taking part. For example if you have 15 dancers performing you would have to buy at least 30 tickets, working from each dancer having to buy at least 2 tickets each. This does not mean you can’t buy more than this amount this is just the minimum amount you will be expected to buy. You are advised to buy tickets asap as tickets are on sale now and by registering your school does not guarantee that tickets have not sold out. So please ensure tickets are a priority
  • Please state when booking tickets if you need disabled access or have spectators who have vision problems.
  • Refunds are not available after purchase.
  • Any problems that occur can be resolved; by using booking data to trace customers (i.e. if your tickets are lost they can be reprinted.)
  • Payment is to be made in full at time of purchase to: THE GARAGE NE.
  • Each school will take responsibility for their own students when they are in and around the venue.
  • Props can be used in your performance, but they must not stay on stage. Dancers must be able to take props on and off stage with ease. i.e. no glitter, water or powder that would stick to the stage.
    All performance material needs to be to a high standard, as the gala is a professional theatre we would want all pieces to be rehearsed to a high standard.
  • Protection of children; young people and vulnerable adults are a main concert for us. So please note that as a part of our policy, it is not permitted for members of the public to take pictures or make recordings of the performances on stage. We will have a fully licensed photographer and videographer with us to capture all of the on stage and backstage action. You will be able to order a copy for £6.00 from THE GARAGE NE after the show.
  • You can only perform on the stage you are not permitted to dance in and around the audience.
  • Each dance piece must be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds for teams and trios, and 1minute 30 seconds for solos & duos.
  • £10 dancer fee allows the dancer to enter as many dance pieces as there lead contact registers them for.

If you have any other information please contact Kayleigh on and we look forward to seeing you all strut your talent at this event.