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The Creative Academy will give students who attend a 3 hour Saturday school the inside into the creative industry as a whole. Students will work on many disciplines from commercial dance, classical dance, t.v and film,theatre, singing, music, art, radio and media. With professional practitioners such as Creative Director – Robby Graham, Musical Theatre – Tom Guest, Graffiti – Mark Shields, Music Editing (dj) – Seb Otigbah, Contemporary – Katie Webster, and TV & Film – Susan Jinks just to name a few.

Students will prefect their own unique talents and styles to embellish creativity and personal confidence and communication skills. The Creative Academy students will be those that standout from the crowd, who have something to say, or want to be involved in something that is not the norm or conventional way of training students for a life in the creative industry.

Students will focusing on the main Schools disciplines which are Dance/ Drama/ Singing. But what is different what many other theatre schools or performance schools is that each term a number of professional practitioners will take over the school and students will take part in professional workshops to give the students more scope to experience all aspects of our amazing industry.

From working with our coaches and professional practitioners the students especially the teens and young adults will be given the opportunity to showcase and work with some of the leading industry professional that the UK have to offer. This will be a great opportunity for the students who are looking to go into this industry and make connections and leave a lasting impression at a young age. Also the younger students will have to opportunity to experience new and exciting levels of the creative industry, this will in turn inspire and develop the young minds of tomorrow.

The Creative Academy is for students to have a outlet that is accessible to individuality. Rather than mass producing Musical theatre students. It is also about creating work that is Fresh, Funky and Fun for those who don't want to take it so seriously and want to just come and have fun with friends and learn new skills that will help them in every day activities also.


All classes are Saturdays only and run from 10:00am - 1:00pm. Fees are £70 per term payable in advance prior to the first session.

10th Sept- 15 Oct 2016 6 week term
5th Nov- 10th Dec 2016 6 week term
7th Jan- 11th Feb 2017 6 week term
4th March- 8th April 2017 6 week term
29th April- 27th May 2017 5 week term
10th June- 15th July 2017 6 week term